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One proud day.


Mid-Boob Grab

Why did I looked so surprised?

Because I saw on ocean of my face!

So, a few tears happened. I was SO proud. 

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Your blog is awesome, opening a can of kick ass on kancer! I guess I'm commenting coz I'm scared, I'm 20 years old, for a few months I noticed a lump in my breast a damn painful one at that, I went to see the doc, she pretty much said stop being silly your fine and didnt even examine me! So a couple of months passed and I felt it again, I can only feel it when I prod and poke not when I check properly with the flat of my hand ect. I saw a different doc and it's safe to say she was pretty annoyed that no-one would examine me before, so she copped a feel (like what I did there lol) she said she's pretty sure it's just tissue/cyst and referred me to the breast clinic just to put my mind at rest and I suppose cover her botty. That was 3 weeks ago, I received my appointment date today and it's for this Thursday so just 1and a half days away. I'm incredibly scared, I want to see my son grow up, he's only two I want to see him leave school and go on to whatever he becomes, I want to marry my fiancé next September like we planned. I know I'm blowing it all out of proportion, I mean, I've not even seen the specialist yet. But I've never been so scared in my life. I just want Thursday to be over. Sorry for the sob story. I just needed to release

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